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FibroMapp is the most comprehensive pain management app for Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME and Chronic Pain currently on the market. As Fibromyalgia is unique to each person, so is FibroMapp! It can be completely personalised to your needs and requirements and takes into account that there are over 100 different conditions and symptoms within FM.
FibroMapp has been designed BY people with Fibromyalgia FOR people with Fibromyalgia.
FibroMapp has been designed for ease of use. Use as much or as little of it as you need to help you gain more control and understanding of what is potentially causing you pain and other symptoms.
Your Information is compiled to create easy to read CHARTS AND GRAPHS that can be downloaded and printed FOR FREE, unlike some other health apps currently available.
Excellent back-up documentation for:
-Doctors-Insurance-Benefits-Personal understanding
It is a combination of 8 apps in 1 to help you track:
-PAIN SEVERITY, LOCATION OF PAIN, TYPE OF PAIN - personalised to your needs-Activities that have helped relieve or cause pain-SLEEP AND SLEEP DEBT - simply tap the screen to start recording when you are awake/going to sleep
-FLARE-UP BUTTON -for when you quickly want to record a flare and its severity
-MEDS TRACKER - personalise your meds, dosage and even set an alarm to ensure you aren't over or under medicating-MOOD TRACKER
-Follow up section to review what has helped and what has made symptoms worse
All of which you personalise to your needs so that you are only filling in the areas that pertain specifically to you.
FibroMapp helps you to gain more control by giving you the tools to easily track what is possibly causing pain, fatigue, sleep issues, mood and flare-ups and much more.